Replace Paperwork with Electronic Proof of Delivery

Posted on Nov. 3, 2022, 11:30 a.m.
We are seeing a rise in the adoption of online delivery services in the past couple of years. Many businesses are shifting online due to the influence of on demand culture.

Even businesses are actively trying to shift to digital ways to manage their business operations and prepare themselves to serve the current customers demand and remain competitive in their business market.

Managing paper based delivery business can be very difficult for employees and there are many chances of errors which leads to unpleasant customer experience.

The electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) can prove to be crucial in providing solutions to all such problems. It will remove the time consuming process and will help in quick and flawless logistics.

Today, businesses need to add value to their services to make a difference for the customers. Serving customers can be challenging but with the proof of delivery you can ensure the pleasant last mile experience for the customers and earn their loyalty.

Benefits of having electronic proof of delivery

With an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), get the real-time details of the delivery to the customers. Manual entries by employees are time consuming and can be challenging.

In electronic proof of delivery, you will have information updates, drivers’ details, customers details and more. All the real time data can be accessed instantly and the work can be reviewed easily with less effort.

Also, there are automatically created reports and trends which helps to make decisions and improve services.

Keeping paper based delivery records can be risky as it can be misplaced or damaged. With electronic proof of data, the time consuming manual data entry is eliminated while the data is processed fast and the information is provided in real time.

The tiring work of maintaining paper based records increases administrative burden while it takes days in producing delivery proofs and bills.

The mobile application software is user friendly and it is easier for delivery employees to perform their daily tasks.

Customers today need more proactive services from their service providers. With the delivery solution you can keep customers informed about the delivery of their order.

You can send pre and post delivery sms notifications to the customers and inform them about the order delivery, payment etc. and keep them updated. The customer can also track their order and estimate time of delivery.

The business can manage the delivery process more efficiently and in a professional way. Thereby customer satisfaction increases with the transparency in the delivery process.

With paper proof of delivery, you can experience mismanagement and incorrect information. In the electronic proof of delivery, the chances of errors are minimal.

In the app for delivery, you can keep a record of various information such as product, delivery time, and location. The QR codes can be used for individual customers.

It is easier for employees to fill information and details in the electronic forms. The details can be reviewed and businesses can get the overview of what is happening on the field.

Making the process transparent by keeping customers notified about the delivery and payment reduces customer disputes and builds trust.

Electronic proof of delivery makes the delivery process more efficient. Companies can keep track of the work by the delivery person.

With the updated details of time of delivery and location improves traceability and helps business to keep a watch on work of delivery person and maintain the workflow.

With ePOD the delivery person cannot provide any unauthorized bills. The chances of any kind of fraud are reduced greatly. It also helps in reducing the late payment from the customer as the payments can be made online anytime.

To conclude

In any delivery business, the quality of service that you offer to your customers is very important. By choosing electronic proof of delivery, you will be able to automate many tasks and improve the efficiency of the overall delivery process. Digital proofs are more reliable and can be verified quickly. For any business owner switching to ePOD will increase productivity and save cost and time.

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