About Us

GoPaani offers a software solution that helps water delivery business owners to run their business in the most hassle free way.
The app simplifies your day to day tasks and helps you to run your business efficiently.

We understand the challenges faced in the water delivery business.
With the GoPaani app, water jar distributors can eliminate all the challenges and ensure business growth.

Trusted by Water Suppliers All Over India

GoPaani Team

GoPaani app offers easy to understand functionality and a user friendly experience

Manage Customers
Add your customer’s information and maintain their accounts.
Jar Deliveries
Optimize delivery routes, check jar distribution status & make jar entries.
Secured Data
Make entries and collect payments through QR scan or manually and keep records.
Instant Billing
Generate instant bills for customers from their individual account details on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Manage Inventory
Keeping track of outgoing and incoming jars. Also, manage jar counts and their types by keeping track of their records.
Manage Offline
Make jar entries in the GoPaani app even without a data connection.