Optimize Delivery Route for Last-Mile Delivery

Posted on Sept. 14, 2022, 11:30 a.m.
As an owner of the water delivery business, delivery is an important part as it has the most impact on the customer experience. Planning for delivery routes can be hard and it affects productivity.

There are many challenges in planning a route like minimizing delivery time, schedules of drivers, route traffic and other factors. So, optimizing routes can be very effective to improve business productivity.

What is Route optimization?

The route optimization is a process to plan and find the best route for the delivery. It is the most efficient way to reach from one stop to another and make delivery based on factors such as time, cost and traffic.

Delivery route optimization plays an important role in reducing delivery time and ensuring that the delivery is made to the customer in the proper time.

Can you plan the route manually?

The route planning can be challenging when you have to manage delivery for more stops. Planning for multiple deliveries and more than one driver can be complicated.

As the number of stops, drivers, routes increase the complexity of optimizing the route also increases. In such a case, planning routes manually is not the right way.

There are route optimization solutions that could help overcome the challenges. With the right delivery route planning solution, you will have details of the driver's location, real time tracking, delivery updates, estimated time of delivery and more.

You can plan the most efficient delivery route in advance for the drivers to reach the destination. This helps drivers to manage their delivery and provide customer services on time.

Why is route optimization important for delivery services?

1. Multiple Route Planning

There has been a rise for online water delivery services. More and more people are ordering water and products online. There is now more scope to grow your water delivery business.

But, in order to grow your business and maintain the quality of your services you must plan the delivery route efficiently so that you can provide the services on time.

When there are multiple deliveries, it is difficult to plan and schedule. This task takes most of your time, resources and effort. In such cases, route planning software can be very helpful in planning for complex multiple deliveries.

2. Reduced Cost

Proper planning of delivery routes reduces drive time, this in turn reduces the cost spent on fuel and vehicle maintenance.

With a well planned route, you would know what kind of vehicles to use as per the need. This also reduces driver’s stress, as they are certain of where to go.

The drivers can save money spent on fuel and provide quick delivery. This will enhance the overall productivity, optimize drivers shifts and reduce time for delivery.

3. Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Delay in the delivery due to the inefficient planning, may create dissatisfaction and customers and you may end up losing them. Right planning and following the most effective route will lead to faster deliveries.

Todays ‘customer wants prompt services and it will give you an edge over your competitors and help you to gain loyal customers.

4. Proof for the delivery for Jars and Products

It is important to keep a track of each delivery for the delivery business. The delivery solution not only help in planning and optimizing routes but it also allows to keep proof of delivery to the customer.

With the real time tracking and entries made by the delivery boy, you will know the delivery time. In the delivery software you could keep all the records and send the delivery update to the customers via SMS.

Such transparency in your services would increase customer’s trust and boost your business reputation.


For any delivery business, optimizing routes is the only way to manage the delivery process in an efficient way. You can plan the routes for drivers in advance and keep a track on them. Your business can add multiple addresses and easily manage them and reach new customers.

With the optimized routes you will save more time, so you can make more deliveries. The water delivery solution helps in managing the whole delivery process seamlessly.

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