Automate Water Delivery Process with App

Posted on Aug. 5, 2022, 11:15 a.m.
To thrive in today’s business environment, digital transformation is the key strategy. Water delivery businesses just need to automate their business in order to improve their efficiency, control costs and run the whole business in a smooth way.

When you are delivering bottled water throughout the day to various customer addresses, it is difficult to ensure that each customer has received proper delivery and on time.

Even to collect daily payments and maintain individual customer records or keeping track of every jar may seem to be difficult to monitor.

As a part of good customer service it is important to provide water delivery as per the schedule. Nowadays people look for convenience and if you are able to provide timely water deliveries and transparent billing and payment service, you would gain customer loyalty for a long time.

How water delivery app helps in delivery process automation

Make water delivery entries using QR code

In GoPaani, QR code can be generated for individual customers to keep track and monitor the jar delivery process from your premises to the customer’s doorsteps.

An employee can make the entries by scanning the QR code of the customer ensuring that the entry is correctly made in the customer's account. This helps business owners to check whether the right quantity of jars are delivered to the customer.

Regardless of how many customers you have you can easily manage and keep accurate records for all the customers. It is very cost effective and saves a lot of your time and effort, all you just need is a smartphone.

You can easily know about the number of empty jars which the customers have with the correct data just by a few clicks. Now, no more need to worry about the errors made during the manual book keeping.

With the water delivery solution you get the up-to-date information with the realtime entries made by the delivery employees. All the data is secured and you can view all the change history. This saves a lot of time and you get all the information at the single place.

Easily set permissions

With QR code it is convenient to track delivery and organize work processes. As each delivery worker delivers water jars to different places, to ensure that there is no error in making delivery and payment entries you can set permissions to make entries through QR scan for the employees.

You can check the employee performance and keep track of supplies. To make sure there are no errors done manually, QR codes are very helpful.

Effective payment collection

Creating bills for all the customers and collecting payment at the end of every month is a very time consuming task also, there are many customers who make payment on a daily basis.

Manually it becomes very difficult to keep accurate bill records for all the customers. It is very time consuming and the chances of error is very high.

With the application you can keep and manage records for as many customers and get auto generated bills. When the payment is collected in cash many times you don’t receive the exact payment amount.

The QR scan makes the payment process faster and it becomes very convenient for customers to make payments.

Last word

With the QR code, you receive the exact payment amount of the bill thus helping in increasing revenue and saving time and effort spent on payment collection.

Digital payment helps to reduce the operational cost and the transparent billing and payment process increases customer trust. Water delivery solution helps you to streamline the delivery services and increase efficiency.

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