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What is the Reports option?

In the ‘Report’ option, you can view and download all types of reports of GoPaani.

  • Click on the drawer button.
  • Select 'Report' from the given option.
    Daily Sheet
  • In the Daily Sheet you can download the ‘Full Daily Sheet’ and ‘QR Code Only’ sheet .
  • In the Full Daily sheet, you can view customer's jar delivery details with their signature.
  • The QR sheet can be printed on a sticker and you can paste it into the customer's premises.
    • How to Generate Daily Sheets
    • Select the month for daily sheets
    • Select the type of sheet to generate
      1. Download full daily sheet
      2. QR code only - sheet with only QR codes of customers
  • In the Bill Report, you can view the payment details and the earlier outstanding amount, as per the jars taken by customers.
  • You can also download bill reports in three sizes.
    • How to Generate Bill
    • Select the month for which you want to generate bill
    • Choose the language in which you would like to generate a bill.
    • Select the bill size to generate the bill. There are 3 options
      1. A4 size
      2. Four bill on A4 size
      3. Roll size ( 58mm x 100mm)
    Jar Details Report
  • In the Jar Details Report, you can get the information for each day regarding how many jars sent and how many returned, according to month for every customer.
    Daily Sheet with Entries
  • In the Daily Sheet with Entries, you can view customer’s daily jar delivery details, as per month. You can get this report for the current month as well as for the last two months.
    Inventory Report
  • In the Inventory Report you will get the details of day to day loading and unloading of jars.
    Payment Collection Report
  • To get the Payment Collection Report, select the days for which you want the report.
  • In this report, you can get the information about the payment collected by the employee or group from the customer along with the date and time.
  • On clicking the drop down option, you can see the entry for the payment received for the last seven days.
    Single Day Delivery Report
  • In a Single Day Delivery Report, you can see the jar delivery details of a single day for all the customers along with the payment amount.
    Sales Report
  • In the Sales Report, you can get the information of the sales of fixed and daily paying customers for every month, also the total payment amount received and due.
  • You can also view the sales report for the previous month by selecting from the given option.
    Payment Pending Report
  • In the option ‘payment report’ you can see the bill details for the current month (excluding daily paying customers).
  • with the details regarding payment amount received and the remaining payment amount due.
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