GoPaani Recent App Updates

Posted on Dec. 23, 2022, 11:57 a.m.
GoPaani is the reliable water delivery management software that strives to be the pick for businesses due to its impressive features.

As a company that values its customers, GoPaani has always tried to develop something great to enhance customer experience.

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With the new app updates, the GoPaani Business app has added some exclusive features that are great for water delivery service business and helps them keep things organized and immediately complete the in-line order of jars.

We are here to list the top features in the new application updates:

Recent developments in GoPaani Business App

Payments: One of the newest features added by the GoPaani Business app is related to billing. Now every business owner can download the invoice for the current and the previous month, which helps you track the payment received in a particular month.

Outstanding payment: In the next app updates, the GoPaani Business app team has taken the initiative by adding the payment collection column to help businesses keep track of pending payments. Be it a monthly payment collection or a daily basis one, you will have the report at your fingertips.

Manage First 50 customers in the starter version: With the starter version, businesses can manage the first 50 customers at once. This will help them keep a record of customers who are regularly placing orders. This will help them keep a record of customers who are regularly placing orders. So if you own a newly established water delivery business and don’t have much to invest in, then the starter version can be ideal for managing your business.

Daily Sheet. As we move down to the daily sheet, an excellent update for all GoPaani App users, you will be able to see all the products you have delivered. Whatever mobile OS you use, everything we offer is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Continuing to improve the user interface and fix bugs, we've added more features to GoPaani App, allowing users to stay organized while using the app.

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Other major updates

We have also taken measures to give some significant updates. If you like to enjoy these updates in your event application, you will have to update the app.

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