6 Fleet Management Tips to Improve Your Delivery Business

Posted on March 3, 2023, 11:33 a.m.
Increasing homestays combined with the continued growth of water delivery businesses, has resulted in an increased demand for water delivery solutions offering fleet management services.

Maintaining your delivery vehicles in top shape is crucial when managing water jar deliveries. When the vehicle is left for delivery, it is difficult to track the location properly. In this article, we will cover the top fleet management tips that take your water delivery business to next level.

Ways to Improve Your Fleet Management

It will help you handle whatever economic surprises the next round brings if it has the depth to handle the following. The following tips will help you improve fleet management:

Manage your workforce more efficiently

Having a water delivery solution that features a management system that tracks the location of your delivery employee and the status of their job completion will eliminate the need for you to write or call them to check their progress, and make it unnecessary for you to distract them with unnecessary calls.

By implementing this approach, you are able to give delivery employees a greater sense of control over their daily routines, which in turn helps to boost their job satisfaction at a time when the industry is facing a significant shortage of delivery employees. It is also useful for streamlining communications for employees and providing them with the capability to monitor their logs electronically so they may manage their time more effectively.

Improve the efficiency of routes

It is difficult for water delivery business owners to run a profitable business if they are unable to follow their assigned schedules. Accurate arrival time estimates are reputation killers, particularly in today's environment when customers not only expect deliveries within a short period of time, but also expect them to arrive within the estimated timeframe.

The goal of your water delivery solution is to deliver quality customer service to consumers and businesses without having to spend a large amount of time monitoring route status.

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Workflow automation

If you are still using paper-based systems, it's time for you to transition away from them and move forward with implementing water delivery solutions that will work for you.

In addition to optimizing fleet performance, a digitized workflow can help your fleet manager manage his or her time efficiently by reducing the risk of human errors as well as the chance of miscommunications by helping the process run more smoothly. According to a McKinsey study, data analytics can reduce fleet costs by 12%.

Operate in a safer manner

Having unsafe drivers in your fleet isn't just dangerous for them, but it can also damage your fleet and lead to expensive repairs. In order to lower insurance premiums, prevent accidents and traffic tickets, and reduce legal issues associated with driving, the practice of safer driving is potentially beneficial.

A delivery solution for water that integrates in-vehicle sensors can help improve driver safety, improve overall performance, reduce risks, and enable drivers to communicate safely in the field.


Keeping a proactive maintenance management system in place across your entire fleet is crucial to the success of your business, and without it, you may be flushing your profits aside.

GoPaani App, a water delivery solution, automates the creation of efficient delivery routes for your vehicles. With this solution, you will be able to reduce security risks, increase driver uptime on the road, reduce fuel consumption, increase fuel management, decrease vehicle wear and tear, and perform fleet maintenance improvements.

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